Oil Only Absorbents

Oil Only Absorbents Sheets and Rolls

These oil-only absorbents are designed for fast, and effective clean-up of oil and petroleum-based spills on land or water. The durable hydrophobic absorbents retain and absorb oil-based liquids while repelling water. Fibers absorb up to 20 times their weight in oil and are for use indoors or out. Absorbents float indefinitely, soaking up oil but not wasting absorbency on water, and will remain intact even when fully saturated. The white color easily identifies saturation and draws attention to machine leaks. Available in convenient pre-cut pads, perforated rolls, socks, pillows or booms. For use with these liquids:

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  • motor oil
  • hydraulic and brake fluids
  • gasoline, diesel fuel, aircraft fuels
  • transmission fluids
  • lubricants
  • cooking oil
  • transformer oil
  • drilling and cutting fluids
  • other petroleum based liquids including paints

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